The Private School Safety Summit pulled together nearly a hundred staff members from forty-five different schools to talk about safety issues. The goal of the Summit was to foster new relationships between schools and to learn together about critical safety techniques from experts in the field. The Summit was also an opportunity to share the ways schools are connecting with local emergency responders.  Because counties support their schools in varied ways, some offering more tactical and resourceful assistance than others, the Summit provided an opportunity to generate new ideas and brainstorm on better means of communication.    

This effort was phase one for unifying private schools in emergency preparedness and best practices training for safety in schools. On Friday May 4th WFIS will host another Safety Summit, this time for the Spokane area schools at NorthEast Washington ESD 101 with their Risk Manager, Don Ebert. If your school is interested in sending staff, please email to get added to contact list.


Immense gratitude to Loyal Hanrahan for his constant guidance and Seattle Academy for allowing this event to be held in their beautiful new STREAM Building, where guests were provided a scrumptious lunch from the schools chef and kitchen staff, and the two photos.

(Main image: Paul Delon & Ryan Ellsworth review improvements to the state’s endorsed first responder online mapping and communication system, Rapid Responder. Side Image: Loyal Hanrahan, SAAS Transportation and Safety Director and OSPI’s School Safety Advisory Committee,Private School Representative and Suzie Hanson Executive Director of WFIS lead the Summit’s closing Round Table Forum)