The Principals Association of Christian School (PACS) has renewed their commitment to strengthen, equip and encourage Christian Administrators through professional development, fellowship and prayer.

On March 13th all ASCI, SCI and other Christian schools were invited to participate in a conversation on Imbedding Culture into a School.  Following a brief opening presentation, principals participated in a round-table discussion addressing “Who decides on the culture of the school?” and “How does a principal know that the culture intended is the actual culture for the staff and the students?”

Ideas generated some effective tools and methods for establishing the culture of a school. The group further discussed the principal’s responsibility to protect the culture of a school, and shared ideas on how a principal may include teachers, students, and parents to maintain a culture.

WFIS learned there needs to be a feedback loop between staff, students and school leadership to ensure thoughtful & purposeful habits that reflect the school’s mission are in place to maintain school culture long-term.