Having objective eyes on campus to review where a school is succeeding and where there might be holes and gaps is critical.

The Department of Homeland Security has created this School Security Assessment Tool. Following a series of questions in four sections, the tool will display a set of eight results modules based on the information you entered. It also provides a summary page with options your school could pursue to strengthen physical security, including space to insert your notes.

Emergency Planning and Campus Safety resources

This last month, Joffe Emergency Services launched the Dynamic Duo of modules: a course on the Introduction to an Emergency Operations Plan (for when a crisis happens) and a course on Business Continuity Planning (building what to already have in place so after a crisis occurs, everyone knows the steps needed to return to a functioning school).

This week, Joffe shared four spring and early summer safety priorities to prepare your school for graduation events and beyond.

School Administrator Magazine’s Spring issue also includes a feature piece by Chris Joffe entitled “The Continuum of School Security.” In it, he dissects the different options available to schools, looking at pros and cons, and shares what needs to be in place to make each one work well.

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