For those of you who have not heard, math is like music to the ears for kids in south Seattle.  Norm Alston, longtime teacher and founder of the eMode Learning Foundation, has dedicated his after-school time and Saturdays to doing math for many years AND has kids hooked on coming to enjoy his irresistibly fun mathematics gatherings too!

“Norm is the Pied Piper of Math,” says Mount Baker mom Christiana Muoneke. “He doesn’t just teach the subject, he brings it to life and inspires a love for learning and exploring. He sings his merry tune and the children happily follow into the magical lands of algebra, calculus, physics and all things numerical.”

Private School Educators attending the upcoming Private Schools Day training co-hosted by WFIS and PSESD on October 21 in Renton will get to experience Alston’s infectious enthusiasm for making math fun for themselves during his keynote What If Kids Could Learn Things by Doing What They Do BEST?

To get some insight behind this magical math-man, read the article and Go-South Seattle People In Your Neighborhood interview with Norm Alston.