The State Board of Education is seeking a current high school sophomore to serve a two-year term as a Student Representative on the AWSL.

Eligible Students must:
  1. Reside and attend a public or private school in Washington State through the academic years of their term (2024 – 2026).
  2. Be a current sophomore (rising Junior) at the time of selection.
  3. Have a passion for improving K-12 public education.
  4. Be able to devote sufficient time to the responsibilities of the board, including, but not limited to, participating in all scheduled State Board of Education Board meetings.
  5. Have a positive academic and/or extracurricular record, which may be demonstrated by grades, activities, accomplishments, and/or recommendations of peers, educators, or community members.
  6. Commit to making up for missed school work while attending scheduled meetings and other board functions.

Details about the responsibilities and application (due by Friday, March 29th) can be found at

Kara Ma, a junior at The Bush School, is a current AWSL member and was a panelist on the How to Expand Access to Higher Education Through the College Promise Model webinar hosted by LEV this week.