Running Start – Summer Classes at Colleges NEW!

Summer quarter Running Start is now available to all 10th and 11th-grade students and 12th-grade students who will have yet to graduate by summer.  The Summer RSEVF form is required for each student enrolling in the summer term through the Running Start program – including private school and homeschooled students.

More information on summer quarter Running Start will be coming soon, but there is a Video Tutorial for how to complete the form available now.


Apprenticeships around WA

OSPI and the WA Student Achievement Council (WSAC) are hosting speakers from Washington’s Department of Labor & Industries and Washington Women in Trades to share their knowledge and expertise on finding apprenticeships, an overview of the application process & experience, and tips for guiding students interested in the trades.

Register for the Zoom on March 20 from 9:00-10:30 am.

(1.5 free clock hours available for those who also register on pdEnroller.)


Washington State High School Photography Competition

With the deadline about 8 weeks away, now is the time to have photography teachers guide students through the application rules form and past winners gallery on the WSHSPC webpage. The winter edition of Sublime – a publication celebrating student photography – is also a great inspiration.

Since its inception, private school students have been welcomed to participate in this annual photography showcase and competition. WFIS is grateful to the vision of Kenmore Cameras and the immense effort of Kelly Atkinson, who leads the program.