from the MarketWatch press release on March 25, 2019 –

Steelcase Education announced the 12 recipients of the Active Learning Center (ALC) Grant. In its fifth year, the ALC Grant program supports both teachers and students by creating an environment that encourages engagement, collaboration and creativity.

Old norms are giving way to a deeper, broader and more individualized perspective on what student success is and how to achieve it. Many educators and administrators are rethinking their teaching methods, curricula, support services and technologies, all with the aim of developing a more relevant and strategic approach. The grant supports active learning strategies in classrooms where educators are already striving to implement related practices. Valued at $67,000 per classroom, each learning space is designed to promote active involvement and support student success.

“We’re hearing from educators over and over again that it is not enough to have the pedagogy, technology or space. You need all three – a holistic approach to active learning,” said Craig Wilson, Steelcase Education director of market development. “If you combine the right space with inspiring teachers and effectively deployed technologies, the environment can help drive better results and lead to engagement. Engagement then leads to student success in school and beyond.”

This summer, 12 schools across grades 6-12 and higher education will receive furniture, design, installation and on-site training for a new active learning classroom. Each institution has a comprehensive plan for the grant, from converting a library space to training teachers to implementing active learning in their own classrooms. Each project demonstrates a commitment to innovation and improving student outcomes. This year’s grant recipients are:

— D’Youville College (Buffalo, NY)

— High Point University (High Point, NC)

— La Cite College (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

— Lone Star College (cyfair campus:Cypress)(cyfair campus:TX)

— Marietta Middle School (Marietta, GA)

— Pathways High School (Milwaukee, WI)

— Renton Prep Christian School (Renton, WA)

— Tulsa Learning Academy (Tulsa, OK)

— University of Missouri (Columbia, MO)

— University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Charlotte, NC)

— Urban Community School (Cleveland, OH)

— West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV)

“Our grant recipients come from school districts and regions across North America, demonstrating that active learning and personalized teaching methods are top of mind for all educators today,” said Wilson. “We chose to partner with each of these institutions because of their commitment to evolving pedagogy, innovative learning and student success.”

In addition to receiving a new classroom, grant recipients will receive training from Steelcase on how to fully utilize their new spaces and will have the opportunity to participate in a community of practice with all awarded schools to share insights and best practices. With these new spaces and their commitment to active learning, the recipients will reshape classroom dynamics and promote student success both inside and outside the classroom.

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