On April 3, WFIS Board Chair Peter Fackenthall hosted the Spring board meeting at beautiful Auburn Adventist Academy. Board members discussed the topics most relevant to each constituency group, including:

  • Navigating the specific challenges of the teacher shortage for faith-based schools;
  • Responding to HR and legal responsibilities and concerns around “Leave” policies;
  • Integrating non-mission-based students who joined schools during COVID;
  • Readjusting school security;
  • Defining and understanding the current interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • Adjusting to new accreditation protocols;
  • Supporting the mental health of teachers and staff without compromising the students’ school experience.

Over the next year, the Board will develop a strategic financial plan to set policy and support for WFIS’s three to five-year goals.

The WFIS Board’s Advocacy Day in Olympia will occur on January 30. This event connects private school leaders to legislators and sustains relationships. The Board has met with more than seventy legislators. The culmination of past advocacy days will be built upon next year.

The board honored Peter Fackenthall, representing Seventh-day Adventist Schools of Western WA, for his commitment to WFIS and the well-being of private schools across the state. He joins Pat Russell from Mount Vernon Christian School, Brian Harris from the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, and past Chair Paul Bootsma from Lynden Christian Schools, who all served on the WFIS Board of Directors for six years, completing their second term this year. Each brought expertise, compassion, and strength of conviction to every conversation. We cannot thank them enough for their input and leadership on behalf of their constituency groups.