Say Yes! COVID Test program to finish May 11

Washingtonians may continue ordering free COVID-19 home test kits from the Say Yes! COVID Test website until March 13 when eligibility will change to focus on Washington communities that are most in need. Criteria will be based on public health measures that help identify communities with more disadvantaged households. Families can visit the SYCT website to see if they are eligible to place a single monthly order for five test kits, which are delivered to the requester’s address free of charge.

Learn to Return Labor Support ends July 31st

The Labor Support Fund money from WA Department of Health (DOH) was funded through the CDC’s ELC Reopening Schools grant and both programs will end on July 31.  All approved costs through the Labor Support Fund must be incurred no later than July 31, 2023. There will be no carryover or funding extension after this date.