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The Advocate is updated in the first week of every other month September through May, containing articles relating to private school issues, representation, and local-to-national news relevant to independent schools.

FCC Approves Emergency Connectivity Fund

The $7.1 billion Emergency Connectivity Fund Program (ECFP) passed as part of the latest COVID relief bill will be available for schools to purchase laptops, tablets, hotspots, and other forms of connectivity for students and teachers. Within the next two months, the FCC will open an initial 45-day application window allowing schools to seek funding for future purchases of approved services and devices.

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EANS II: Additional Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools  (ARP-EANS)

Under the ARP EANS program, grants will be awarded by formula to each Governor with an approved application based on the State’s relative share of children ages 5-17 who are from families at or below 185 percent of the poverty level and enrolled in non-public schools, as determined by non-public school enrollment data from the U.S. Census

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