Dear Private School Educators,

The idiom Many Hands Make Light(er) Work describes the effort by private school leaders to change the way our schools are licensed. In 84
days, the Agency Definition Bill that passed into law, will allow approved schools to run school-age, after-school programs for their students without a license from the Department of Early Learning!

There are exceptions to this new rule. For example, if a school enrolls students in its after hours who use state subsidies to pay for care, then licensing is still required. Also, if a school prefers to license its program, that remains an option.

But for those school leaders who believe strongly that the licensing process for after school hours was an unneccessary burden on the school, this is a positive change.

Private school leaders have been talking about this issue for years at both the WFIS board level and the Private School Advisory Committee (PSAC) meetings. WFIS thanks all who contemplated, strategized, fought, spoke out, talked through, contacted legislators, went to Olympia to talk to DEL and OSPI, joined meetings, wrote letters and shared their experiences over the years about the licensing process. With a coordinated effort, we made this a reality!

Thank you to school leaders Rob Camner, Charles Wright Academy; Doug Coppinger, The Meridian School; Angie Gianelli, The Perkins School; Charis Sharp, Cedar River Montessori; Matt Neely, The Epiphany School; Dan Sherman, St. Sophie Madeleine Catholic School; Craig Mattson, Northwest Christian School; PSAC, under the leadership of Don Johnson, Representatives Ruth Kagi, Melanie Stambaugh, and Maureen Walsh; Senators Bruce Dammiere and Steve Litzow; OSPI and DEL staff including Heather Moss, Frank Ordway and Bob Butts; our partners at the Catholic Conference; and WFIS’ policy committee including Superintendent of the Seattle Archdiocese, Dr. Patrick Haggarty.

To all who are mentioned and many others who supported the effort,

Work Well Done!