Tier 2 Rulemaking: Workshop 2 – Energy Management Plan and Operations & Maintenance Program

WFIS attended the second workshop hosted by the Department of Commerce. They are collecting comments about the proposed rules for the Clean Energy Buildings, specific to buildings 20K- 50K square feet.

It’s not too late to submit comments for past workshops. The Tier 2 rulemaking events are recorded and posted on the Clean Buildings webpage. Workshops are opportunities for public feedback and input.

The latest decision is that Tier II buildings do not need to have a specific person hired as an “Energy Manager.” This role can be taken on by the building owner. However, it still requires training, and the training has yet to be fully actualized.

There are a lot of steps and requirements for regularly measuring, reporting, and maintaining proper energy usage in a school. WFIS suggests attending the rulemaking meetings to get a sense of the problematic issues and the fixes suggested by the Department. It may be that schools need a different fix.

Tier 2 Building Owner Survey: Department of Commerce wants to hear from you! Commerce and consultant, Energy System Engineers is conducting a survey to help understand the costs and cost savings on small business Tier 2 buildings owners. Please take the survey on building compliance costs/cost savings.

The next two meetings are:

  • Thursday, July 13, 2023 (click the link to register) from 10am-noon on Administrative Rules and Reporting Requirements
  • Aug. 24, 10am-noon will be a Cumulative Review

Register Here if you or your facility manager thinks they can attend.  Recordings are sent to all who register.

According to the Department of Commerce, Clean buildings are essential to meeting our state energy goals. In 2019 the Clean Buildings bill was signed into law and later expanded in 2022. The objective is to lower costs and pollution from fossil fuel consumption in the state’s existing covered buildings and multifamily buildings. The law also provides incentives to encourage building owners to make energy efficiency improvements earlier than required. Learn more about the Clean Buildings Performance Standards.