Families around the country have expressed immense increase in school choice due to the limitations of the public school systems to provide in person learning during Covid.  The following bills in WA State are related to advancing school choice:
HB 1215 by Representative Vicki Kraft (17th District) Providing parents and their children with more choices for a quality K-12 education through the K-12 education scholarship program.
This is a creative bill supporting parents to make decisions about how to best educate their children.
It has not gotten a hearing yet, and may not this session, but WFIS is working with the sponsors to press for a hearing in the coming year.
SB 5200 by Senator Mark Schoesler (9th District) Establishing a tax credit for contributions to student scholarship organizations.
This bill had a hearing on Jan 29. WFIS and its partners testified in favor of the bill.