The TK bill changed to Transition to K and will likely pass off the Senate Floor.

The bill in the House looks very different, and a committee will meet to confer and rectify the differences. Some of the concerns about this bill include the following:

  • It leaves OSPI in charge of making the rules, including quality standards, eligibility, and monitoring.
  • DCYF has no oversight or licensing authority beyond visiting and offering suggestions.
  • The determination of the need to open a TtoK program is left to the Districts.
  • The TtoK programs are open to all children, including those already in an early learning program.
  • TtoK is not considered a basic ed program, but there is no application process or limitation on growth or role for the legislature to prioritize specific populations.

For those who want to advocate for a bill revision, please get in touch with; we will provide talking points.