The recording and slide deck from DOH’s March webinar on the 2024-25 updated immunization requirements are now available.

DOH also has two new resources and a School Module Listserv for those using the WA ISS who want to stay informed about updates to that system.

Letter coming to all families

DOH is mailing a letter to parents of 4-6 year-old children by mid-May alerting them that according to the vaccinations in the WA Immunization Information System (WAIIS), their child is missing vaccine doses required to attend school in the fall.

WFIS has been asking DOH, ESD, and health department teams to find other avenues to communicate vaccination requirements. We share at agency meetings that the burden on schools to emphasize immunizations strains relationships with some families and students. This letter should remove some pressure on the school as parents understand that all schools must enforce state requirements.