WFIS Educators and Families – your advocacy effort is needed at this time!

The big “Phase 3” Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) is at a critical stage of consideration in Congress right now.  Currently there is a provision allowing for non-public schools to receive relief under the Education Stabilization Fund.  However, it appears that Democrats in the Senate are trying to remove this language.

We need your immediate outreach to Democratic leadership, in particular Senators Schumer and Durbin are the two key members, but all outreach would be helpful, especially if you have some connections.

SCHUMER leadership office  202-224-2158

DURBIN leadership office 202-224-9447

Getting people on the phone is very difficult right now, so email to staff would be a guaranteed route to be heard.




THE ASK: Insist that the funding and “equitable services/proportional share” language for non-public schools that was included in the Sunday version of the CARES Act is retained in the version reportedly to be released today.



5 SEC. 18005. (a) IN GENERAL.—A local educational agency receiving funds under sections 802 or 803 shall provide equitable services to students and teachers in non- public schools, as determined in consultation with representatives of non-public schools. The level of such services shall reflect the proportion of students residing within the boundaries of the local educational agency who attend non-public schools.

13 (b) PUBLIC CONTROL OF FUNDS.—The control of funds for the services and assistance provided to a non-public school under subsection (a), and title to materials, equipment, and property purchased with such funds, shall be in a public agency, and a public agency shall administer such funds, materials, equipment, and property and shall provide such services (or may contract for the provision of such services with a public or private entity.