On March 25, 2022, Governor Inslee signed the Clean Buildings expansion bill into law. The expansion applies to buildings 20,000 square feet or larger, including schools.

The first phase of this expansion will require reporting on benchmarks and implementing energy management plans that include operations and maintenance programs for all Tier 2 buildings (Buildings 20,000 to 50,000 square feet).

ESD112 Contracts Division will offer a program for all public and private school facility managers that provides training and guidance on “the paths to compliance.” These will come to each regional ESD, and details on the cost and dates will be announced in January 2023.

The best thing a school can do right now is to contact their energy utility companies (electric, gas, and propane). Ask the utility company to get the school’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI) data. Some utility companies are entering this data into the EPA Entry Star Portal for the schools. Others are pulling the school’s history and asking the schools to enter the data into the EPA’s portal.

Getting your EUI is the first step in knowing if your school already meets the standard!

Review How to Comply on the Dept. of Commerce website, but do not panic! WFIS will continue to work with the ESD contractor’s support team and OSPI to find means of support for schools.