In this Nov 29th press release, State Superintendent Randy Dorn announced the state will delay its ESSA plan submission at least 60 more days to allow for public to comment.


After consultation with Superintendent-elect Chris Reykdal, Deputy Superintendent Gil Mendoza, Gov. Jay Inslee and various stakeholder groups, I am delaying the submission of the Every Student Succeeds Act Consolidated Plan to the U.S. Department of Education.

We will provide at least an additional 60 days for the public to comment, bring new thoughts, engage or reengage in the process.

The passage of the ESSA was historic and a long time coming. The proposal we put together meets the requirements of the federal law, requires no changes to current statutes and establishes what our state will be held accountable for to the federal government. It does not limit our state, however, and we can choose to have additional accountability elements that we focus on here in Washington.

Superintendent-elect Reykdal and I are already working on a seamless transition, and the plan will ultimately be submitted by Reykdal. He will make determinations on the timeline and final content after additional consultation with the Governor’s office, legislators and key stakeholder groups.

It is critical that our plan reflect the unique interests of Washington state, especially with so much uncertainty at the U.S. Department of Education as the White House transition unfolds.


Ben King

Web Content and Publications Specialist