The State Board of Education is proposing to extend the Emergency Graduation Requirement Waiver for students for one more year as-is (up to 2 credits), step down what can be waived the following year (1 credit), and expire the waiver after that. This will support remaining high school students potentially affected by the pandemic limiting their access to certain courses. The Emergency Waiver of Hours and Days of Instruction due to COVID that is available to private schools through this year will expire and not be applicable next year.   
Seattle Times had an article about this a few weeks ago.
WFIS has heard from school leaders that this proposal is fair and supported, but let us know if you have any concerns. SBE board will vote on whether to approve this at their April meeting.
If your school uses either waiver for the 2021-22 academic year, there will a simple form to complete for SBE later this spring (that portal is not yet open.)