There are many bills this year that will impact private schools. We’ve listed several that could use some advocacy support from school leaders. Thank you for your participation.

HB means the bill originated in the House, and SB means the bill originated in the Senate.

CCDEI Clock Hours

Private schools are currently not allowed to offer cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion (CCDEI) clock hours that are mandatory for renewing teacher and administrator state certificates. HB 1377 would change that.

The bill is stuck on the House Floor. We are working with legislators to move it to a vote. The next step is the Senate Education Committee. If the bill impacts your school, please let Senator Lisa Wellman know this is a priority. You can also contact Rep. Julia Reed (District 36) and Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self (District 21) to thank them for co-sponsoring the bill and ask them to pass it off the House Floor ASAP!

Dual Credits

Private school students are not included in HB 2326 and SB 6239, which would require OSPI to cover the cost for students’ advanced placement, international baccalaureate, and Cambridge international exams. This is reminiscent of last year’s dual credit bill that pays for college credits for all public school students who take and pass college in high school classes but not private school students.

Please let your legislators know that all students deserve equal access to post-secondary support. Private schools’ tax-paying parents want the state to support all high school students earning college credit within the public university/college system.

Curriculum Additions

The legislature is considering several curriculum bills. Two would add to graduation requirements. Both SB 5849, which requires computer competency, and HB 1915, which adds a half-credit requirement for financial literacy, change the mandatory credits needed to graduate.

WFIS urges legislators to be sure that changes to graduation requirements are part of a comprehensive plan that considers removing some credit requirements if making additions.

There are several curriculum bills for public schools, including HB 2037/ SB 5851 requiring the addition of Holocaust and genocide education, SB 6270 ensuring computer science skills are taught in grade school, and 5813 mandating instruction on agricultural literacy.

Early Education Advocacy

Several bills will impact the private school’s early learning programs.

SB 5774 expands the number of fingerprinting locations available. WFIS has worked with many advocates for many years to improve DCYF’s background check system. This is a start.

HB 2101 eliminates licensing fees for all programs.

HB 2300 aims to adjust the educational requirements and timelines for early learning staff to create a more flexible and supportive environment for professional development.