Dear Friends of Private Schools,
Private schools sustained the trust built with parents, students, and staff in recent years by overcoming challenges with students’ academic loss and missed opportunities for social connection.
The teacher shortage continues to impact schools. Private schools look for educators who connect with the school’s mission. They use innovative ways to attract new talent. Creating teacher mentorship programs and leadership cohorts are just some of the ways private schools attract and retain teachers.
Private schools debunk the myths about whom they serve and how. Many private schools and specifically approved private NPA schools successfully educate and care for students with disabilities and learning differences. The private schools enroll and offer financial support to thousands of students from low-income families. And they offer an alternative environment to traditional common schools. Private schools provide integrated studies and depth of knowledge to all of their students. They take pride in knowing and challenging each student.
As parents see their children return to a more familiar place emotionally, the exhaustion felt by school staff has started to subside. Independent education is an essential option for students. We are proud of our private schools’ dedication to the well-being and education of over 80,000 children.
Please take some moment to read the June 2023 WFIS Advocate, and contact us should you have any questions.
With gratitude to our school leaders, teachers, and staff,
Suzie Hanson
Executive Director,
Washington Federation of Independent Schools