The State CAPE networks’ annual Summer Institute took place in Colorado Springs this year. The presenters included Robert Enlow from EdChoice; Andy Lynch from North Star Marketing; Michael Bindis from Institute for Justice, and Andrew Neumann from Open Sky Education. See the full agenda HERE.
In the aftermath of the pandemic, private schools have seen a shift in enrollment, parent expectations, and government policy that indicate support for educational alternatives to public schools. In addition, according to recent surveys, parents are more interested in the customizations and individualization of their children’s education than ever before. If, as Andy Lynch an expert in school marketing attests, the key to marketing is relevance, and parents want individualization, then demonstrating how private schools meet this expectation is key to continued growth.
Parental demands are reaching the ears of policymakers, and in some states, the demands have encouraged growth in school choice opportunities. Also, because federal dollars are being targeted to private schools, there is more conversation about private schools in the political arena. Therefore, it is of increasing importance that school leaders share with their federal and local legislators how critical the EANS funding, PPP loans, and Federal Title Funds are to the well-being of students. School leaders can be specific about how much and for what money was spent. These stories will only become part of legislators’ knowledge if they hear from schools.
The task of contacting federal and local legislators should be an annual summer project for school administrative offices. Although private schools are not typically big money donors to legislators, schools have the power of constituents. Numbers matter, so hearing from schools helps educate and remind legislators of our collective power.
Michael Bindis, the lawyer from the Institute for Justice who argued the Carson vs. Makin case at the Supreme Court, gave an hour-long presentation on the potential ensuing shift in Blaine Amendments. We will be discussing this case and his analysis of its impact at the first Tuesday WFIS K12 leadership meeting on August 2 at 2 pm. See you there!