DeVos Announces Proposed Rule Regarding Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Education Institutions; Provides Updated School Prayer Guidance


On January 16th,  U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced that the Department of Education will be taking actions to protect religious liberty and ensure the Department is acting in accordance with the First Amendment, unveiling a proposed rule ensuring the equal treatment and constitutional rights of religious organizations and faith-based institutions, as well as First Amendment freedoms owed to students on campus.

As directed by Congress, the agency will also release updated guidance regarding constitutionally protected prayer in schools.  

“Our actions today will protect the constitutional rights of students, teachers, and faith-based institutions,” said Secretary DeVos. “The Department’s efforts will level the playing field between religious and non-religious organizations competing for federal grants, as well as protect First Amendment freedoms on campus and the religious liberty of faith-based institutions. I proudly share President Trump’s commitment to religious freedom and the First Amendment.”


President Trump Participates in the Announcement of the Guidance on Constitutional Prayer