WFIS’ Private Schools Representative on the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) is Mark DeJonge, Director of Athletics at Bellevue Christian Schools.  Here are some highlights from the WIAA Board Meeting on Sunday September 26, 2021:


  • There were sub committee meetings of the Finance committee as well as the Calendar/culminating events/handbook committee.
  • Financial report – WIAA is in good standing, collecting fees from schools and trying to get all of those in for the year.  WIAA received a Susan Crowne Exchange Grant in partnership with University of Washington and will be looking to train coaches.  Info here:
  • Re-districting was discussed and will continue to be discussed by the Governance Committee.
  • State tournaments are being planned and moving forward.  The WIAA will be using a digital ticketing platform for all ticketing at state events. (To WFIS’ knowledge it does not have anything tied to it as far as vaccine information or testing verification.)
  • Allocations for fall sports were approved.
  • Ongoing conversations with the WOA and officials’ associations in regards to officials being required to be vaccinated as contractors to the schools.
  • NFHS Network and the benefits that the WIAA could gain in revenue sharing if more WA schools use the NFHS network.
  • COVID was discussed throughout the meeting in various topics and items on the agenda. Overall there is an effort for schools to be alignment with COVID policies.  For some schools and leagues this is easier than others, especially when leagues have schools in different counties and those counties have different expectations for schools.