Rick Skeen is the Private Schools Representative on the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) as well as the Athletic Director at Kings Schools.  The following details from Rick are the result of consistent  WIAA efforts to return students to sports safely:

The proposed amendments that will be voted on by the Rep Assembly in late April and early May are outlined in this document:  http://wiaa.com/condocs/con744/2021 amendments for distribution.pdf None of the proposed amendments seem to be aimed at Private Schools, which often times happens.

The WIAA has posted approved Rule Waivers for this year only (Covid Reasons) which are cited below.   Each league has decided their own plan for students participating in athletics.  The plan for each league can also be found on the WIAA Covid-19 Planning webpage.  There will be no state tournaments, but rather league, district, or bi-district tournaments.  The WIAA is also providing the Healthy WA Sport and Activity Guidelines which clearly outline low, moderate and high risk sports and what is allowed in each Phase.


WIAA Handbook Rule 17.8.3 – OPEN GYM
Students have a choice of activities offered during a designated time during each week.  All other conditions of open gym remain in effect.
WIAA Handbook Rule 17.27.5 – JAMBOREE
Only two (2) schools need to be involved in a jamboree.  The jamboree limit per school will continue to be in effect, and is indicated in each specific sport section.
Regular special treatment or priveleges will be defined as being no more than once a week.
WIAA Handbook Rule 43.3.1 – CONTEST DEFINITION
Allows a high school varsity volleyball match to be a guaranteed five (5) sets. The following conditions apply:

  • Based upon the WIAA/WOA Co-Op Agreement, the 5/5 varsity volleyball match fee will be $84.50 (plus travel) per official;
  • The local volleyball assignor(s) must be notified at least one (1) week in advance of the request to play a guaranteed five (5) sets;
  • The officials will report the match score according to the total number of sets played (5-0, 4-1, or 3-2).