Texas Education Department and their Governor just agreed to redistribute their EANS II funds back to the private schools. Here is their plan:

The new program would be more flexible than the statutory EANS II program in the following ways and may offer private schools a more detailed menu of services to select from.

  • Remove the US Department of Education (USDE) requirement for meeting the pre-determined low-income percentage of students enrolled to be eligible for services, but give preference to applicant private schools with higher percentages.
  • Remove the prohibition of Payroll Protection Program (PPP) participation to be eligible for services.
  • Allow private schools to select allowable school safety activities that need to be implemented for students to feel safe and comfortable being on campus so that they may improve student performance and close learning gaps created by the pandemic.

Please write to Governor Inslee’s Office to suggest they do the right thing and leave the money designated for private schools with the private schools.