For October, schools are confirming records for student immunizations and need to be sure of the latest information.  This month’s Ask Nancy addresses how could a private school gain access to the online record of immunizations.   


How do private schools gain access to the online record of immunizations?

Nancy says:

The data online is maintained in Washington’s Immunization Information System (IIS), a lifetime registry that keeps track of immunization records for people of all ages. The system is a secure, web-based tool for healthcare providers and schools.

The first step to becoming an IIS user is completing a user sharing agreement.  The Immunization Information View Only Agreement allows authorized personnel to view immunization data stored within the WAIIS to assist in immunization verification and documentation. This includes public school districts, private schools, Head Start, and ECEAP Grantee Agencies with licensed healthcare providers on staff.  A licensed healthcare provider would be a school nurse, child care health consultant, or other authorized healthcare provider responsible for the operation and management of the school nurse or healthcare services.

Hard copies of the sharing agreements with original signatures must be mailed to:

Washington State Department of Health
Office of Immunization and Child Profile
PO Box 47843
Olympia, WA 98504-7843

The “authorized healthcare provider” needs to be a licensed healthcare provider defined as a person who is licensed, certified, registered, or otherwise authorized by the law of this state to provide health care in the ordinary course of business or practice of a profession (RCW 70.02). This person must be willing to take on the responsibilities outlined within the IIS Information Sharing Agreement.  This doesn’t have to be an employee with the private school, but can also be a volunteer.  Basically the signatory of the Information Sharing Agreement has to be a licensed healthcare provider and is ultimately responsible for the use and security of the data accessed by their organization. The person signing the ISA can delegate the authority to others.

for additional information contact Julie.Tomaro@DOH.WA.GOV



What are the required immunizations for School Year 2017-2018?

Nancy says:

It is easy to review the current immunization requirements by downloading this sheet on the DOH website.