Legislative and Policy Advocacy

We work with legislators and policy makers to ensure that legislation in Olympia affecting schools and education is crafted with the particular needs of private and independent schools in mind.

Legislation and Policy Updates


WFIS Advocacy Efforts Continue

WFIS Advocacy Efforts Continue

Each week of this unique session has generated an incredible amount of new information, bold ideas and conversations related to education policy and funding, as well as health and safety practices for reopening schools.  School leaders have come together through WFIS...

House Bill 1139 Lead Screening in Public and Private Schools

HB 1139  is scheduled for an executive session in the House Education Committee on Friday, February 12 at 10:00am.  WFIS is seeking to strike private schools from this bill.

Private schools care about the health and safety of students. However, this bill mandates the same expectation for private schools as public schools without access to the infrastructure or funding to support the requirements.

Congress Passes Aid for Private Schools

The bill is written such that a public agency will maintain control of funds in much the same way as occurs with existing equitable services programs.  This should in theory insulate private schools from becoming recipients of federal financial assistance.

Early Ed advocacy for programs in our private schools

WFIS is partnering with many early learning advocates to ensure our school’s programs are also supported.  The information below is from Erica Hallock on behalf of Start Early WA, a non-profit that works with public and private partners to promote comprehensive...

About Our Work


WFIS is the only statewide forum for Washington’s non-public school community. We participate in all levels of collective educational dialogs to assure our schools’ input and perspective are utilized in educational policy agenda, while advocating for private school student access to all programs which enhance the quality of education in our state.  In addition, we seek resolution in cases where local policy application may result in double standards or inequities.


WFIS will work for seamless application of the new ESSA policies and programs which include strengthened provisions for private school student inclusion in all districts within the state. Our organization also supports legislative efforts around the country to provide school choice to all children.
WFIS ensures that private schools are included in state educational programs that benefit students while guarding against the infringement of government mandated policy.
WFIS hosts and participates in events and community engagement opportunities at the local level which foster collaboration amongst schools, students and the greater community.