Agencies and Committees

WFIS represents the interests of private schools on agency boards and working groups and serves as the official liaison organization for independent schools with OSPI and the Department of Early Learning.

WFIS Agency and Committee News


Congress Passes Aid for Private Schools

The bill is written such that a public agency will maintain control of funds in much the same way as occurs with existing equitable services programs.  This should in theory insulate private schools from becoming recipients of federal financial assistance.

Early Ed advocacy for programs in our private schools

WFIS is partnering with many early learning advocates to ensure our school’s programs are also supported.  The information below is from Erica Hallock on behalf of Start Early WA, a non-profit that works with public and private partners to promote comprehensive...

Joint ELAC and Parent Advisory Group virtual meetings

WFIS Representative Chelle Downey-Magee continues in her role on the Early Learning Advisory Council.  Her report on the ELAC follows:   The meeting October 6 began with a quick round of introductions, then moved on to updates from State/Agency Partners and...

CARES Act inclusion lacking for Private Schools

The Federal Office of Non-Public Education today alerted WFIS that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos sent a letter to Chief State School Officers regarding CARES Act equitable services. In the letter Devos states that the Dept. of Education will not be appealing...

Watch last Thursday’s Candidate Debate for OSPI Superintendent Race

On Thursday, September 17th, the Washington State Wire hosted a virtual debate between the general election candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal and Maia Espinoza. The candidates discussed a variety of topics related to Washington’s K–12...

OSPI debate goes virtual on September 17

The Washing State Wire has announced it is hosting a virtual debate between the general election candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  The 2020 OSPI General Election Debate is scheduled for Tuesday September 17th from 7-8pm and advance registration is...

What You Should Know About COVID-19 and EEO Laws

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws, including the ADA and Rehabilitation Act, continue to apply during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission webpage was updated on June 17, 2020 outlining a lot of the questions schools have regarding employee accommodations in lieu of Covid-19.  WFIS has selected a few Q&As below based on what we have heard from schools.

It’s unsafe for most of Washington students to return to school buildings this fall, state says

It’s unsafe for most of Washington students to return to school buildings this fall, state says

Unlike the spring, when Inslee mandated school closures first in several counties, and then statewide, these recommendations aren’t binding. Inslee said he is concerned schools that open too quickly could spur outbreaks or worsen community spread but is confident most districts will follow the new guidance. He said he decided against local or statewide mandates because school boards in Washington have traditionally had authority to make such decisions.

About our work


WFIS representatives work with State Agencies, including the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), The Department of Early Learning (DEL), The Department of Health and others to advocate for the particular needs of private schools.

WFIS representatives at OSPI, DEL and on the State Board of Education communicate regularly with WFIS to help guide and change policy to reflect private school needs.

WFIS works directly with the executive directors of the accreditation organizations in Washington to protect the integrity of accreditation and our schools.   We call these leaders “Constituency Leaders” and rely on their in depth understanding of their schools to guide WFIS’ policy decisions.

WFIS is in Olympia during the legislative session, building relationships with Legislators and their staff, collaborating with lobbying organizations with similar goals, as well as reading and contributing to legislation to be sure private schools are considered when law is crafted and when it is passed.