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Governor’s office, WEA disagree about their meeting over school reopening guidance

WEA President Larry Delaney said that the governor agreed not to change the coronavirus case metrics that school districts use to decide when to offer face-to-face instruction. But Tara Lee, communications director for Inslee, said in an email to KNKX Public Radio that the union mischaracterized the conversation and that the governor made no promises to the union about leaving the framework unchanged.

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How Teachers’ Unions Are Influencing Decisions on School Reopenings

“We’ve been pretty clear about what is needed [to reopen schools safely], but what is needed has not been a priority. Now there’s blame [directed at] us that the powers that be didn’t prioritize what is needed.” Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, said she’s been pushing for safeguards in schools, such as mask-wearing, proper ventilation, and testing, since the spring. And those safeguards have proven to work, at least when cases in the community are under control, she said: “Elementary schools in particular are not super-spreaders.”

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Commitment to safely preserve the community of our school

Three Rivers Christian School shares the story of their transformation back to in-person learning. “Our ultimate goal: to keep students learning and to safely preserve the community of our school…..all of this mitigation is meaningless without preparing our students and staff for the reality of living daily with masked faces and little physical contact”

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Institute of Disease Modeling report reveals safe reopening of schools possible, depends on multiple factors

Research is revealing that following all safety protocol, students are safest in attending school. What is unclear is why WA State has only recieved 149,000 rapid antigen tests where as Texas and possibly others have access to enough rapid antigen test kits to use for every student, every week.

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‘Schools Need to Be Bolder’ About Reopening, Public Health Expert Says

“There’s no doubt in my mind that schools need to be bolder than they’re being. There is a large mental health cost to children. And we know this is going to very substantially widen the achievement gap between wealthier/white students and poorer/students of color. The effect is going to be felt for a very long time” stated Dr. Ashish K. Jha, past director of the Harvard Global Health Institute and now dean of Brown University’s School of Public Health.

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