Updates on our Legislative, Policy and Committee work

OSPI-Kaiser plan still on track for educators to be vaccinated as a group

WFIS supports schools that wish to reach out locally to establish an employee vaccination relationship.  As the advocate for private schools, WFIS will continue to engage & advise leaders of the OSPI-Kaiser plan to develop systems that work for schools, to ensure all staff in a school receive the vaccination equitably and efficiently.  

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House Bill 1139 Lead Screening in Public and Private Schools

HB 1139  is scheduled for an executive session in the House Education Committee on Friday, February 12 at 10:00am.  WFIS is seeking to strike private schools from this bill.

Private schools care about the health and safety of students. However, this bill mandates the same expectation for private schools as public schools without access to the infrastructure or funding to support the requirements.

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