Stillwater Energy provides free support to Tier 1 and Tier 2 building owners through their Accelerator Programs in Seattle, Puget Sound, Snohomish, and Eastern WA. The program will train your Clean Buildings point of contact on data and reporting requirements, set them up using the Energy Star Management Portfolio, and provide check-ins on building energy data.

Seattle’s Accelerator Program is focused on supporting non-profits in Seattle to get through all aspects of the Clean Buildings legal requirements, has no contract, and is FREE. It offers two pathways for training: self-led education recordings and a Light Coaching Pathway for more hands-on support via a cohort.

Your school will need a dedicated person familiar with your building to gather data for compliance. The commitment is 2-4 hours monthly of work through learning sessions and calls with coaches over four months. The training will provide a complete understanding of all requirements.

You can register here or email with questions.

There are similar programs around the state, though not all are free. WFIS will continue to collect information for our schools.