WFIS and other workgroups committed to honing the Early Learning Equivalents met on September 19th from 9:30-3:30pm.  Early learning providers are very anxious about the upcoming changes in the professional requirements for teachers and administrators.  The current requirements are confusing and do not allow those with experience to receive recognition for their current degrees or for their time in the classroom.

The Equivalents Workgroup is defining equivalents to the certification requirements. The group is both evaluating the barriers to more traditional credential attainment through Washington’s higher-ed programs and creating alternative pathway for people currently in the field.

The workgroup comprised of parents, higher education representatives, school administrators, WFIS, early education providers, ECEAP leadership, the SEIU 925 union, the Department of Children, Youth and Families, and the Children’s Alliance is working together to establish pathways that are attainable, fair and affordable. The group doesn’t always agree and often the temperature in the room is “hot.”  However, the conversations are healthy and are focused on both how to keep current educators in the field while inspiring others to join the early learning profession.

Learn more about the Early Learning / Child Care Professional Development Competencies presented by DCYF (the Department of Children, Youth and Families) HERE.

Upcoming EL Equivalents meetings are scheduled for October 9 and October 24.