On May 12th, OSPI & DOH issued messaging abruptly nullifying school-based testing, stating that non-medical staff can no longer administer COVID-19 tests in schools as the standing order allowing this flexibility expired the day before on May 11, with the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency.

Though there are some exceptions, private schools that do not have an RN on staff will find the easiest path to shift to take-home tests. State law permits school RNs to administer COVID-19 tests and to delegate testing duties to unlicensed school employees with appropriate competency, training, and supervision. Schools that do not have an RN to administer tests or delegate testing duties will need to shift to distributing self-tests for home use or providing information on where families can access testing.

Learn to Return is working fervently to support schools in their program with ample supplies through the end of July. Schools should stock up on OTC at-home tests (which remain free for L2R schools) and provide these to any sick student or staff member.

Unsure and have questions? Contact schools@healthcommonsproject.org