Chapter 246-366 WAC is the Board’s environmental health and safety rule for primary and secondary schools. The Board adopted the updated rule on August 12, 2009. Frustrated by the lack of funding, the board, at the June 14, 2023 meeting, discussed actions the board would take to try and get the funding to implement the rule.

What is the Board of Health vs. the Department of Health?

According to its website, the 10-member Board of Health provides a citizen forum for the development of public health policy. It recommends strategies and promotes health goals to the Legislature and regulates a number of health activities, including drinking water, immunizations, and food handling. The Board is housed with the Department of Health, although it is an independent entity.

What is the Board of Health’s impact on private schools?

They recommend policy and regulation changes to the Legislature, including immunization and school environmental health and safety rules.

What is the Board of Health doing lately?

The BoH recommended health and safety rules that passed in 2009 but with a proviso that funding was required to implement the rule. That has yet to happen, so the rule cannot be enforced. They are currently working to secure the funding for public schools in the budget.

What is the best strategy for private schools?

The Board of Health’s next meeting is on August 8. The materials for their last meeting, specifically the part about school safety, are HERE. WFIS will monitor their meeting agendas for relevant information to share. Schools are encouraged to attend the meetings and comment. WFIS is looking for seats available for private school leaders in the BoH workgroups.