Starting tomorrow, November 1st the Updated School & Childcare Guidance 2022-23 released last week goes into effect.  Here are the main highlights:


  • Vaccinations are no longer required.
  • Schools are no longer required to provide access to testing.
  • Outbreak definition has changed to 5 cases or 20% of students or staff within a core group.
  • The Symptom Flowchart Decision Tree has yet to change as it is still the recommended practice for schools and required for early learning.
  • What to do if you test positive and What to do if you were exposed are new documents that outline isolation, masking, and testing practices that should be followed.


  • K-12 and early learning are still required to report COVID-19 cases, suspected cases, and outbreaks to local public health (WAC 246-101-420 & WAC 246-101-415, respectively).
  • Suspected cases include students/staff who tested positive with an at-home/Over-The-Counter test at home.
  • Link to more information on reporting.
  • L&I requires reporting outbreaks and providing written notice of potential exposure to employees.
  • School Nurse offices still require mask use as directed by the Secretary of Health’s Mask Order, which state’s that anyone providing care to a separated individual should wear appropriate PPE.
  • Early learning is required to send an ill child home or reasonably separate them from other children if there is a risk that the child’s illness will spread to other children or individuals (WAC 110-300-0205).
  • LHJ Authority – local health officers- may require mitigation measures or more stringent guidelines to control the spread of COVID-19 in K12 and early learning.
  • All schools may require any recommended best practices for their school community.