EANS I Funding

The Senate and House budgets will be out mid-February, and we will know then whether the Supplemental Budget includes the funds owed to private schools that participated in EANS I. As of now, the situation is uncertain, but we appreciate your continued advocacy to legislators on the Ways & Means and Appropriations committees who write the budgets.

CCDEI Clock Hours

The Senate Committee heard 2ESHB 1377. Please contact Chair Lisa Wellman to urge her to schedule the bill for Executive Session AND ensure it is voted off the Senate Floor.

We are concerned about the fear-mongering tactics being used by an organization currently allowed to provide CCDEI clock hours. This misinformation is muddying legislators’ understanding of the seriousness of being a clock-hour provider. However, we were assured on Thursday that everyone is working together to pass this bill so that all teachers have access to the best professional development, not just the insufficient number of clock hours providers available right now.

Early Education Background Checks

SB 5774 is scheduled for a public hearing on Feb 20 at 1:30 in the House Committee on Human Services, Youth, & Early Learning. Then for Executlve Session on Feb 21 at 1:30. This bill will expand the number of fingerprinting locations available around the state.