Updates on our Legislative, Policy and Committee work

Resurgence of PACS

The Principals Association of Christian School (PACS) has renewed their commitment to strengthen, equip and encourage Christian Administrators through professional development, fellowship and prayer. On March 13th all ASCI, SCI and other Christian schools were invited...

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US Department of Ed Unveils “Education Freedom Scholarships” Proposal for School Choice

The EFSOA will authorize up to $5 billion per year for the tax credits, but would not, according to the bill’s supporters, establish a federal program. Rather, the proposal would leave participation up to the states, and participating states would set the rules for how their programs would operate.

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Chelle Downey-Magee, the WFIS Representative on ELAC, shares her recap of the February meeting.

Though virtual, the February 5 Early Learning Advisory Council, meeting was typical in presenters and topics covered. The scheduling of a virtual meeting was quite fortuitous, as it occurred on the second consecutive no-school-snow-day in our district and provided a welcome distraction and excuse not to shovel snow off the sidewalk.

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