Several schools have sought clarification about the extension of COVID test expiration dates. Though DOH is working on updated instructions, DOH’s RapidAntigenTestDateExtensions.pdf is accurate and expected to stay the same.

The bottom line: If the control line is visible, it is a valid test. If the control line is not visible, the test is invalid, should be thrown away, and the person should be retested.

If you have issues with multiple tests not showing the control line, please note the lot number and quantity of defective tests and whether the tests came through the school ordering portal. Email this info, and WFIS will pass aggregate details along to Health Commons / DOH.

BD Triplex liked by many private schools

WFIS has heard that BD Triplex combo Covid & Flu test kits have greatly benefited daily school culture by instantly showing if someone has COVID or the flu.  There is NO fee for this test nor the associated changes to your existing CLIA (now called MTS) license.

Updating your Medical Test License or MTS (CLIA):

Complete the Test Menu Change Form and write “Rapid Antigen Flu A + B” when asked to “List tests added to your test menu.” Submit the Change Form to DOH at Once you send the updated form, you can order the new testing through the DOH Order portal.

Please note, the MTS License # and CLIA # are actually two different numbers. The MTS # is what schools need to provide on their license updating form. Search for your school MTS #