At this week’s K12 Leaders Zoom, WFIS hosted an interview by the William D. Ruckelshaus Center of private school leaders. This organization is interested in collaborating with private schools to find policy solutions.

Many school leaders showed up to participate. Walking back through the reality of the pandemic and the day-in-day-out effort to keep schools open that year caused a bit of heartache. However, the emphasis of the interview was for school leaders to share stories about their schools’ current culture, how student learning is progressing, how teachers are feeling about their work, and how the administrators are balancing the new needs of the adults, families, and students.

As we discussed cultural changes in schools, Ruckelshaus representatives wanted to hear about successful efforts to support schools. We named some of the organizations that brought school leaders together to share information, give legal advice, promote creative thinking, and be a sounding board for administrators.

Thank you for helping the William D. Ruckelshaus Center gather information about the realities of private school work. It was great to be invited to the table.