WFIS member school have been inquiring about the WA Clean Building Standards soon to impact buildings 50,000 square feet (Tier 1) and shortly after that to apply to buildings 20,000 square feet and up.

“Soon” is a relative term. For Tier I buildings, schools must comply by June 1, 2028. Before complying, multiple steps take significant time, including building a team, a plan, a year’s worth of data, documented mitigation, and more data. School building owners, 20,000 square feet and up, must report their utilities by June 2027.

The Department of Commerce has a website dedicated to this program. Admittedly, the website is overwhelming. Luckily, WFIS met with Rick Alexander, Associate Director of Building Commissioning at ESD 112 to learn the details about what school supports will exist in the future.  Rick conveyed –

My team is working on preparing classes and partnerships with PUDs and Energy groups as well as OSPI for a launch in January of the CSG Clean Building Program. Our main message is not to panic right now. There are ways to be compliant, and we will get through this thoughtful, productive, and meaningful way.

Qualifications for applying to the Early Adopters Program

You or the owner of your Tier I building can use an Early Adopters Program incentive payment to help balance the cost of compliance.

  • The building must be a Tier 1 over 50,000 sq. ft.
  • The building must be served by at least one electric utility, gas company, or thermal energy company providing or delivering energy services.
  • The building must be 15 energy use intensity (EUI) or above the target.
  • The building must comply with the Clean Buildings Standard and meet its energy use intensity target (EUIt).

An eligible building owner that demonstrates early compliance with the Clean Buildings Standard may receive a one-time base incentive payment of $.85 per sq. ft, excluding parking and unconditioned or semi-conditioned spaces.  Incentive funds are limited to $75 million.

Learn more from the FAQs about the Incentive Program.