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Highlights in the News from WFIS


Countdown to weigh in on Washington’s new high-school graduation requirements

Starting with the class of 2020, students would be required to meet a set of credit requirements and complete at least one of the following:

Pass the federal Smarter Balanced math and English tests.
Earn high-school math and English credits by enrolling in “dual-credit” courses.
Pass certain Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International exams, or pass certain “transition” courses that allow students to enroll in college-level coursework.
Reach minimum scores set by the state on the SAT or ACT.
Earn a minimum score on a military-aptitude test.
Take two career technical-education (CTE) courses.

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Foreign-student recruiter shuts down, leaving Mass. schools in the lurch

…dozens of schools and more than 300 students in Massachusetts and across the country could be out hefty sums of money. Tuition bills are going unpaid, payments for students’ health insurance have ceased, and host families aren’t receiving their monthly stipends, even though the company collected tens of thousands of dollars from individual families to cover those expenditures.

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